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© Julie Charland

© Angelo Barsetti

NAC Co-production

An astonishing verbal sparring match between a dealer and a client, in which poetic flashes alternate and intersect with mere trivialities. An intense exchange, a struggle of power and desire. A ferocious encounter between dog and wolf.

“Logically, there are some species that are meant to live alone and should never meet face to face. But our territory is too small, our numbers too great, our incompatibilities too common, and dark and deserted times and places too plentiful to leave any room for logic.”
Bernard-Marie Koltès


  • With Hugues Frenette and Sébastien Ricard
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23 Feb

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25 Feb

Assistant director: Jean Gaudreau

Dramaturg: Mélanie Dumont

Set design: Anick La Bissonnière

Lighting: Alexandre Pilon-Guay

Music: Bernard Falaise

Costumes : Julie Charland

Makeup: Angelo Barsetti

Sound: Frédéric Auger

Technic direction: Jérémi Guilbault-Asselin

Production direction: Sébastien Béland

Administrative direction: Xavier Inchauspé

Produced by: Sibyllines 
Co-production: Théâtre français du CNA

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