May 29, 2023

As we move closer to this 10th edition of Zones Théâtrales,  
Let’s look over our shoulder, 
And see where we came from. 
It’s dizzying 
It’s impressive.  
All the artists that have graced our stages over the years.  
One wonders how the biennale influenced their practice, 
How it shaped the national theatrical landscape. 
All these performances over the years, 
Some had long and beautiful runs, 
Others were like shooting stars. 
A reminder that theatre is but a fleeting moment.  
And that we love to be able to say :  
I was there that night, when… 

And there is also the path that lies ahead 
It’s inspiring 
It’s exciting.  
All that we have yet to encounter. 
And all the ways the biennale can continue to support new creations. 
There are all the new voices, all the new visions to discover 
The works to come that are now but a creative spark. 
This 10th edition is both the past and the future.  
It includes new faces and new practices,  
But also artists and even projects that were part of past editions.  
And some of the projects reflect on our relation to the past 
by paying tribute, 
by questioning what is being passed down,  
by searching through memories, 
while others look to the future, 
and ask : What kind of world do we want to build?   

And even if the future is uncertain, 
One thing is certain, 
Theatre creation is alive and well here 
And there is plenty for 10 more editions 

May this 10th edition inspire our imaginations, 
Our memories, 
So that we may say :  
I was there that night, when… 

Now, let us immortalize together,  
This great celebration,  
This great gathering, 
That is Zones Théâtrales 


Zones Théâtrales is a biennial event whose mandate is to provide a showcase and meeting point for professional theatre from Francophone communities across Canada and the Quebec Regions. A public event that also includes an important component for theatre professionals, Zones Théâtrales is a meeting place for arts professionals, the curious and theatre lovers alike. For the public, it’s an opportunity to discover fully staged theatre productions, new plays and works in progress, and to meet the artists behind these works. For the creators, it’s an opportunity to showcase their work and thus increase their national—and even international—outreach.

 Zones Théâtrales invites participants to discover, in a convenient and accessible setting, some astonishing and dynamic approaches. All the originality and diversity, and especially the vitality, of Franco-Canadian theatre are in the spotlight on the stages of our nation’s capital.

What are you waiting for? Come discover with us!

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