May 13, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.

Transitional states

The future is an opaque wall. Impossible to know what it holds in store. And no one can predict the effects of time. We live in an age pervaded by the strange and unsettling perfume of the unknown. Apprehension about that uncertainty can paralyze you, can make you want to turn back and take refuge in the comfort of the past. Faced with the inaction of some, others rise up. Driven by a desire to influence what the near future will bring. They resist prevailing trends, compartmentalization, pessimism, fear. They open the windows and let in the light, the air, the voices that exist on the other side of the partition. It’s impossible for them to remain motionless, to resist setting out to discover the unknown. Better to meet it head-on, with a valiant heart. To investigate this new, ever-shifting landscape.

And in that landscape, new faces are emerging, changing the directions. Their works invite us to discover new territories. Whether through the story of a woman in exile or following in the footsteps of a loved one, diving into the heart of our neighbours’ Americanness, venting the bitterness of youth, or exploring theatrical forms in sound and light.

Experiential narratives are a thing of the past. Our gaze is turning elsewhere. The boundaries between territories are dissolving.

No point in continuing to tell each other who we are.
Let’s explosively collide our identities and see what’s left.
Let’s invite others in, and combine our practices.
Let’s end up on a continent that doesn’t yet exist.
Let’s look at where we are now, stay objective about our past, and build the impossible tomorrow. Time pushes us forward, towards an uncertain future, a future that remains to be defined. And so, together, we can invent a new imaginary territory.

About Zones Théâtrales

Zones Théâtrales is a biennial event whose mandate is to provide a showcase and meeting point for professional theatre from Francophone communities across Canada and the Quebec Regions. A public event that also includes an important component for theatre professionals, Zones Théâtrales is a meeting place for arts professionals, the curious and theatre lovers alike. For the public, it’s an opportunity to discover fully staged theatre productions, new plays and works in progress, and to meet the artists behind these works. For the creators, it’s an opportunity to showcase their work and thus increase their national—and even international—outreach.

Through eight French-language plays from across Canada, Zones Théâtrales invites participants to discover, in a convenient and accessible setting, some astonishing and dynamic approaches. From Moncton to Vancouver by way of Sherbrooke and Sudbury, all the originality and diversity, and especially the vitality, of Franco-Canadian theatre are in the spotlight on the stages of our nation’s capital.

Notably this year, Zones Théâtrales is pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate with the National Arts Centre’s new Indigenous Theatre to present two plays in French: Mokatek and Là où le sang mêle.

What are you waiting for? Come discover with us!

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