Travel back to the 19th century and meet Gabriel Dumont and his contemporaries, including Louis Riel. Learn more about the Métis uprisings, struggles and battles that shaped the history of Western Canada, and about the notion of Métis identity and how it has changed over time. Explore the historical sources behind the creation of Gabriel Dumont’s Wild West Show.

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    The Life of Gabriel Dumont

    Born in December 1837 at Red River Settlement, Manitoba, Gabriel Dumont was a Métis hunt chief and military commander. Portrait of a charismatic leader.

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    The Métis Facing History

    The current process of identity definition reveals the diversity of Métis communities and demonstrates their irrepressible vitality. A look back at the tragic history of the Métis.

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    Riel, Dumont and the Métis

    Key events in the historical struggle of the Métis to reclaim their rights.

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    Gabriel Dumont’s West

    Much of Plains Métis history has been wound around the 49th parallel. A look at our national border in Dumont’s time.

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    Métis, métis, "Métissage", Creolization

    On the difference between the notions of métissage and creolization, and the distinction between Métis and métis. Brief explanation of these terms.

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    Métis Women’s Roles in the Resistances

    Métis women showed bravery and resilience during the resistances. Discover the role they played and the active force of their support.

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    Chronology of the Métis Resistances

    From the founding of the Red River Colony in 1812 to the hanging of Louis Riel and eight Indigenous chiefs in November 1885.

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    Perspectives on Métis Identity

    Towards a better understanding of Métis identity and its evolution over time: two perspectives published in The Canadian Encyclopedia.

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    Some explanations and descriptions of the concepts, personalities, places, nations and peoples named in this site. A practical lexicon.

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    References and links

    A summary list of books, sites and articles about Gabriel Dumont and the Métis.