Putting your school to work

This activity is offered in French only.

Have you ever considered inviting an artist-in-residence into your classroom? Of course, you have to be prepared for each visit to disrupt the regular routine a bit.

  1. He’ll probably move the desks around, but that’s nothing new.
  2. Every now and then, you’ll see him pulling out strange props for bizarre experiments.
  3. He may take an unpredictable and unconventional route to reach his objectives.

And what exactly are those objectives? Well, art is often as much about the journey as the destination ... Wherever that journey may lead, you and your students will have an opportunity to share the artist’s imaginative vision and work together to create and develop a project.

The third edition of our Putting your School to Work program invites you to work with an artist in a series of multidisciplinary workshops. Using words and images, writing and collage, you’ll be encouraged to let your imagination run free and unleash its full potential, which reaches far beyond dreams and fantasy. It’s a great opportunity to shake up the daily routine and take a fresh look at the world around you.


For whom?
For teachers and their students from grades 3 to 6.

January: Preparatory meeting for all participating teachers, along with the artist and French Theatre’s Associate Artistic Director, Youth Programming, and Coordinator, Youth Programming.

February to May:  6 classroom workshops with the artist. (Integrated into the students’ regular class schedule.)

June: Presentation of the project (or part of it) to the entire school.

How to apply: Fill out the online registration form at nac-cna.ca/en/training/lecole-a-loeuvre

Application deadline: October 26, 2018

 A contribution of $300 is required for your participation.

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Please note that this program is offered in French only.

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We will select the program participants in November, and contact you after that. For more information: veronique.marcus@cna-nac.ca