World Theatre Day: Tai Amy Grauman

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Tai Amy Grauman

When I think of all the reasons I love theatre, I don’t think of the ‘show’ itself. Even though I am only 26, I can’t tell you intimate details of every single show I’ve ever done, or every artistic project I have been a part of. But, I can tell you all the people I have loved because of shows. I can tell you about all the friendships I have made, all the aunties and uncles who have claimed me as their own and the sisters who have willingly adopted me into their hearts. I can tell you about all the people who have come before me, so that I can have the life that I do. I can tell you about all the moments I have shared immense joy with my castmates between cues on long days and I can tell you all about the nights I have stayed up much too late sharing wine and stories. I can tell you stories about the women’s dressing room that would make you laugh so hard you’ll cry or pee your pants, or maybe both. I can tell you about the profound connection in holding someone’s hand and sharing a standing ovation. I can tell you about opening nights that felt like a dream, because I still can’t imagine that an evening so perfect could happen in real life. I can tell you about experiencing love, joy, loss, sorrow and heartbreak through story in front of crowds of people with someone you love. I can tell you how every single one of these people have brought me life altering lessons and have made me a better person. I can tell you about the ways in which fate works inside of the theatre so that I have been exactly where I needed to be, exactly when I needed to be there. I can tell you about how every single one of these people have made me love deeper and understand the true meaning of storytelling.

All in all… When I think of what the theatre means to me, I see these faces and I feel love.

Ke Sa Ge Tin to the theatre.

Thank you for all the love you have given me.

Amy Tai Grauman
University of British Columbia


About World Theatre Day

Created in 1961 by UNESCO, World Theatre Day is celebrated annually on March 27 by theatre communities around the globe. This year, we chose to turn to the next generation of artists and creators who have graduated from theater schools across the country into a world that was crumbling and in which the very necessity of the performing arts was being questioned.  

Today you’ll see the faces of theatre school graduates on the NAC's Kipnes Lantern, and we asked three of them to take the pen for the occasion. See it all here.

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