World Theatre Day: Taking Centre Stage

March 27, 2022

This year for World Theatre Day, we asked ourselves what we wanted to celebrate after two years of great insecurity for theatre makers in our country. We chose to turn to the next generation of artists and creators. To these young people who have graduated from theatre schools across the country into a world that was crumbling and in which the very necessity of the performing arts was being questioned. 

We turned to them to find out what future they envisioned for themselves as artists.  

The faces of theatre school graduates from across the country were displayed on the NAC’s Kipnes Lantern on World Theatre Day, and the words of three rising stars from across this land can be read below. 

Wtd 2022-dsc01466 credit dany pepin
World Theatre Day 2022 © Dany Pépin
World Theatre Day 2022
World Theatre Day 2022
Wtd 2022-dsc01404 credit dany pepin
World Theatre Day 2022 © Dany Pépin
World Theatre Day 2022
World Theatre Day 2022

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