World Theatre Day: Irdens Exantus

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Irdens Exantus © Maxime Côté

A return to playfulness as a driver of change 

I have no real idea what the future holds 

I don’t pretend to know either

But I hope we’ll hold onto the playfulness we’ve managed to find in sad things

I hope we’ll make it contagious

To bridge the gap that separates us from the people who think art is obsolete

A load of superfluity

I hope our stubborn resilience will have been worth it

That bitterness won’t drain everything we have left

That we’ll remember the importance of having a good time

No matter when

In spring and in winter

So that our future confinements will be lighter

I want us to remember how much we miss theatre when another lockdown comes

So that we’ll be less forgiving of the people who wrench it away from us again

I want us to remember how absurd we thought it was to do graduation shows in the middle of a pandemic

With masks two metres apart no audience

To remember our feeling of helplessness

Our flashes of anger and our worries about the future

I want us to remember our fits of laughter in the rehearsal room

That feeling of admiration when we saw a classmate sharing their artistic brilliance with us

Our desire to do the same to respond to absurdity by giving it the finger

I want us to remember the privilege of being amazed despite the ugliness of the world

I want us to remember what we are made of

Of light and humanity

Of the playfulness that dwells in us and must be shared

I want us to preserve art as a playground

A sacred ground where freedom has no limits 

Irdens Exantus

National Theatre School of Canada


About World Theatre Day

Created in 1961 by UNESCO, World Theatre Day is celebrated annually on March 27 by theatre communities around the globe. This year, we chose to turn to the next generation of artists and creators who have graduated from theater schools across the country into a world that was crumbling and in which the very necessity of the performing arts was being questioned.  

Today you’ll see the faces of theatre school graduates on the NAC's Kipnes Lantern, and we asked three of them to take the pen for the occasion. See it all here.

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