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34 requiem-pour-l- -chris-van-der-burght-(14)
Requiem pour L. © Chris Van der Burght

As you know, the performing arts sector will probably be the last to reopen. We don’t yet know under what conditions. This is of particular concern to us because we cannot yet count on an exact timeline. We’re told that nothing will ever be the same again. But for now, the future is hazy, uncertain.

With the French Theatre team, we are working to find a way to re-establish contact with you this fall, whatever form that contact may take and however far apart we may be physically.
This contact is essential to us; it’s at the heart of our raison d’être. 

In the meantime, please know that we are thinking of you and extending our gratitude and friendship.

Brigitte Haentjens
Artistic Director 

And the NAC French Theatre Team, Mélanie Dumont, Eleri Evans, Robert Gagné, Camylle Gauthier-Trépanier, Tatiana Hanlan, Annick Huard, Véronique Lavoie-Marcus, Élise Lefebvre, Judith Poitras, Guy Warin

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