Franco-Ontarian Flag Flies Proudly at the National Arts Centre

Peter Herrndorf, President and CEO of the National Arts Centre, surrounded by French-speaking artists and representatives of Franco-Ontarian associations, raised the Franco-Ontarian flag today to celebrate three anniversaries: the 40th anniversary of the first raising of the flag, the fifth annual Franco-Ontarian Day and the 400th anniversary of the French presence in Ontario. He was joined by Éric Charlebois, President, Association des auteur(e)s de l’Ontario français, Pierre Simpson, President, Théâtre Action, Daniel Sauvé, President, Association des professionnels de la chanson et de la musique and Robert Gagné, Administrator of NAC French Theatre. The flag-raising takes place on the same day as French Theatre’s presentation of À quoi ça sert d’être brillant si t’éclaires personne? This literary and musical jam session celebrating Franco-Ontarian voices of past and present is staged by Lisa L’Heureux and Gabriel Robichaud under the musical direction of Brigitte Haentjens. This festive and mordant happening features artists such as Pandaléon, Andréa Lindsay, Mehdi Hamdad, Nicolas Desfossés and Anie Richer. The event – which takes place at the NAC Studio – takes its theme from the title of the poem À quoi ça sert / d’être / brillant / si / t’éclaires / personne by Patrice Desbiens. It combines the words of the renowned Triple D (Dalpé, Desbiens, Dickson) with those of Michel OuelletteÉric CharleboisSonia LamontagneCharlotte L’Orage and many others. A veritable hymn in praise of the territory and its language, it includes texts such as Cris et bluesSainte colèrePoèmes anglais, Chien and Miroir sans teint. The organizers of the event were inspired by the works of some 60 artists.