Shakespeare - the Old Trout way

"We struggle against terrible obstacles to create things we think might help make the cruel world slightly more hospitable to the yearning and fragile souls that inhabit it." This is the mission statement of The Old Trout Puppet Workshop and their creative vision has profoundly shaped NAC Artistic Director Jillian Keiley's production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.

The set was designed to share the creative process and backstage activity with the audience. "It's because thematically the play is about appearance versus reality. Who we are within versus who we present ourselves to be." says Old Trout Puppet Workshop Co-Artistic Director Judd Palmer. 

Bringing this imaginative world to the NAC stage has been a huge collaboration between NAC English Theatre, The Old Trout Puppet Workshop and the many artists and creators who transformed ideas into reality. 

"There's an immense amount of skill and experience - the people who are working behind the scenes." added Palmer. "They've been doing it for decades and they know exactly what they are doing. It's quite amazing to watch them work."

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