Twelfth Night : a comedy full of surprises

Audiences and actors experience Shakespeare's Twelfth Night in a completely unique way. Together with Calgary's Old Trout Puppet Workshop, Jillian Keiley's production is full of surprises. The story's madcap scramble of misdirected desire is reinforced by the delightful staging of the work which requires its own complicated choreography.

"Backstage it is very precise, but it is chaotic," says actor Tristan D. Lalla.  "Everyone is running around changing costumes, moving puppets, flying in pieces. It is crazy backstage."

The complexity of the production is well suited to the 2015-2016 NAC English Theatre Ensemble members, who have been working together since the fall.

"This kind of a production – being thrown into the laps of a number of actors that have no relationship – might not be as easily woven together as it would be for a group like us," says Ensemble member Janelle Cooper. "We've really grown into a family." 

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