Q & A: Heather Gibson – Executive Producer, NAC Presents

Heather Gibson © V. Tony Hauser

Executive Producer, NAC Presents, and Programmer of new NAC public spaces

Q. What have you learned in your first year at the NAC?

A. This place is much bigger than I thought! There’s a lot going on here... more depth to the job than I expected.

Q. The NAC’s new public spaces were very popular during Canada Scene with free concerts by great artists like Amelia Curran and Alexandre Désilets...

A. The concerts drew incredible crowds. You’d get 500 people sometimes. Audiences were diverse... people who had never been here. There were young families coming to the free shows, which normally can cost $25 to $35 a ticket. It’s great to be able to bring your kids to a show like that.

Q. What’s your plan to attract the public to the new spaces?

A. People have to see themselves when they come here. They have to be comfortable. Little things like universal washrooms make a difference for members of the LBGQT community and other cultural communities. The NAC is for everyone.

Q. You recently launched NAC Presents Across Canada which features concerts in 10 cities like Whitehorse, Montreal and Regina. What are your hopes for NACPAC?

A. We want to present acts that are important to each partner community. Our partners know what is best for their audiences – that’s what NACPAC is about.

Prélude magazine – The People
Holiday 2017

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