NAC Presents Across Canada

NAC Presents expands to 10 cities in collaboration with 10 music organizations across Canada.

The National Arts Centre is proud to announce an unprecedented collaboration with partner organizations across Canada in support of the Canadian music scene. The ambitious initiative called NAC Presents Across Canada, will help support nearly 40 concerts in 10 cities across Canada in 2017-2018 to help build the careers of emerging Canadian musicians.

“NAC Presents Across Canada will start to build a network of music organizations and community promoters that work together to promote talent, help artists develop audiences across Canada, and create touring opportunities and will build national networks for both the artists and the organizations involved.”

Heather Gibson , Executive Producer

The creative force behind the project is Heather Gibson, the new Executive Producer of NAC Presents, who joined the NAC six months ago after a successful career in the music industry. Immediately upon her arrival in Ottawa, Gibson saw the opportunity to build a network of live music organizations to support the career development of emerging Canadian musicians. She began travelling the country in her new role, and within a few months had made partnerships in St. John’s, Charlottetown, Halifax, Montréal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary, Vancouver and Whitehorse.

NAC Presents Across Canada concerts will showcase a wide variety of Canadian emerging musicians in all genres. The series is programmed collaboratively between Heather Gibson and the artistic leadership in each partner organization. The programming will focus on emerging Canadian talent.

The National Arts Centre is Canada’s home for the performing arts, and NAC Presents across Canada will allow the institution to deepen its engagement with the contemporary music scene in every region. NAC Presents Across Canada will also help support the development of emerging artists, and in turn, will support the development of audiences in Canada for emerging music, which strengthens the artistic life of our nation.

Confirmed programming

Yukon Arts Centre

Whitehorse, Yukon

  • Ferron and Her All Star Band September 17
  • Project Humanity’s Freedom Singer October 4
  • Kane & Potvin March 2
  • The Fourth Light Project: An Immersive Multimedia Experience March 21

Vancouver Folk Music Festival

Vancouver, British Columbia

  • David Myles October 29
  • Good Lovelies December 6

Calgary Folk Music Festival

Calgary, Alberta

  • Martha Wainwright November 14
  • The Dead South December 2

Regina Folk Festival

Regina, Saskatchewan

  • Nomadic Massive November 10
  • William Prince November 23
  • Cold Specks November 24

Winnipeg Folk Festival

Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • William Prince November 9
  • Nomadic Massive November 11
  • New Constellations: Nation(s) Wide Tour of Music & Arts November 27

Lula Lounge/Lula Music and Arts Centre

Toronto, Ontario

  • Sarah Thawer, opening night of Women in Percussion series  October 11
  • David Buchbiner's Odessa/Havana + Selcuk Suna featuring DIA January 17

Phi Centre

Montréal, Québec

  • Allie X September 2
  • Common Deer September 15
  • Cold Specks December 1

Halifax Pop Explosion

Halifax, Nova Scotia

  • Jeremy Dutcher May 11

Confederation Centre for the Arts

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

  • Barenaked Ladies October 16