Memories of the Maestro

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Pinchas Zukerman sharing his passion for the next generation of musicians © Fred Cattroll

In this, Pinchas Zukerman’s ultimate season, we asked some of those closest to him at the NAC to share a special memory of the man who brought us so much enjoyment over the years.  Here’s what they had to say:

“For me, every occasion I hear Pinchas perform, it's a special gift. I've also been lucky to watch him teach, as I learn so much. He works with some pretty talented kids, who've already had some pretty good instruction. But to witness their transformations in just a couple of years work with him is remarkable.”

Douglas Sturdevant, Manager, Artist Training and Outreach

“‘Your form is your bank account.’  That’s what Pinchas always says.  And in a whimsical way it’s a bit dry yet realistically it’s true.  Thanks Pinchas!”

Jethro Marks, NAC Orchestra Principal Violist

“One of my favourite memories of Maestro Pinchas was the opportunity to discuss music education with him. My wife and I will remember his spark when he discussed the Caracas program for the youth and the social and educational values of working with youngsters. Personally I will cherish our chat on the difference between the old and new ways of playing. The old way stood for the mood music generates in you while the new way calls for the colours you see when you play specific pieces of music.”

Jean Gauthier, NAC Foundation Donor

“When Pinchas accepted the post here in 1998, the NAC owned three aging pianos.  Unlike violins pianos don’t get better with age.  Pinchas called a contact in New York who bought and leased the very best Hamburg Steinway pianos and convinced him to send his best three to the NAC.  We essentially “test drove” the best pianos in the world then picked one we wanted to buy.  It’s just one example of how Pinchas brought the best of classical music to Canada during his time here.”

Christopher Deacon, Managing Director, NAC Orchestra

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