Meet the young playwrights of Queen Mary Public School

The plays written by the grade 5/6 students in Julie Coburn's class showcase the wonderful imagination of children. There is a character named 'Noodles' in one play and another features a wild wolf that becomes a friendly puppy. 

The plays are written in the classroom over a period of six to eight weeks under the guidance of Artist-Educator Kristina Watts. For teacher Julie Coburn there has been a tremendous impact on her class. She has watched her students become more confident when expressing their ideas and more comfortable with collaborative learning. 

One of the elements the children were most excited about was the fact that their plays were going to be read by, and perhaps even performed by members of the public during Family Day at the NAC.  Kristina Watt explains it this way: "You do a piece of theatre and the ultimate thing is to give it away. The ultimate thing is that it lives on its feet."

The Three Minute Play Festival is now in its third year and together with NAC English Theatre and Kristina hopes to expand the reach of this high successful program in the coming years.

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