Beyond the House Program

Often people attend a play or concert having thoroughly researched what they are about to experience. The who, what, when, where and why have all been answered before they settle into their seat. I prefer to show up without any expectations. I will have read the show description and watched some video clips but generally that is the depth of my research. For me, it is after the show that I want to delve into the artist's head to see if I can find the answers I seek. I prefer the post-show discussion to the pre-show chat. Whichever type of patron you are, NAC English Theatre has developed a comprehensive resource for your inquiring mind - the online study guide.

NAC English Theatre has been producing online study guides since 2010. The primary audience for this material is educators who bring their students to NAC English Theatre productions. The discussion questions and cirriculum connections are extremely valuable to busy teachers. However, anyone who is interested in learning more about a play will find these study guides insightful.

Online study guides will be produced for five productions during the 2012-2013 season: The Glace Bay Miners' Museum, thirsty, Pride and Prejudice, The Edward Curtis Project and Innocence Lost: A Play About Steven Truscott. English Theatre also provides online access to study guides created by visiting companies as much as possible. For Artistic Director Jillian Keiley the guides are just one way NAC English Theatre connects with their audience and she hopes that these guides will provide "a great springboard for conversation and exploration."

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