Daryl Banke and Mark Hussey

Mark Hussey and Daryl Banke

“We love the NAC!”  And with their long association and financial support of the National Arts Centre it’s clear that Daryl Banke and Mark Hussey mean what they say!

Both Mark and Daryl began attending NAC performances after their move to Ottawa in 2001.  They subscribed to the ballet and Opera Lyra and took in as many other performances as they could.  For them, it was the beginning of an enriching association that lasts to this day.  They continue to enjoy performances, including ballet and orchestral works, and sum up their experience in one word: “Wonderful!”

Daryl is from Peterborough, Ontario; Mark is from Neil’s Harbour on Cape Breton Island.  They met in Halifax 31 years ago and have been married since 2003.  The couple lived in several Canadian cities until moving to the national’s capital.  Daryl retired as an IT architect with IBM in 2012 and now does consulting work in Ottawa.  Mark continues to work as a financial planner for RBC.  Life is good.  Their free time is filled with travel, boating, church activities and, of course, the NAC. 

Daryl and Mark truly value what the NAC does.  The recent renovations to the Centre are “phenomenal.”  It has greater accessibility, seating is more comfortable and overall the building looks even more impressive.  When it comes to programming, they appreciate the NAC’s touring orchestra and how the Centre strives to expand its audiences and get younger generations involved.  As Daryl says, “The NAC does great work.  We want to see as many people as possible experience the superb productions because we hope the NAC continues full steam ahead — forever!”  High praise indeed.

No question, their ongoing association with the National Arts Centre remains a focal point of their social and cultural life.  When it came time to review their estate plans a few years back, leaving a gift in their Wills to the NAC was simply a logical and natural thing to do. 

Mark and Daryl are monthly donors to the NAC Foundation, and they want their support to continue because they believe that the arts generally in Canada are underfunded.  They have left their future gifts undesignated because they have every confidence that the NAC Foundation will use their support wisely, where the need is greatest at the time. 

The couple also encourage everyone to consider leaving a legacy gift to the National Arts Centre Foundation.  The NAC needs stable funding, the arts world needs more support and, if their experience is any indication, a legacy gift for the NAC will be one of the most satisfying gifts that one can make.

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