A Harmonic Storm: Daniel Lanois with the NAC Orchestra

In June 2013 Daniel Lanois visited the National Arts Centre to receive the Governor General's Performing Arts Award for lifetime achievement. Two years later Lanois is once again backstage at the NAC's Southam Hall - this time as a performer. "It's nice to experience this beautiful edifice from the point of view of the stage." said Lanois. "I didn't realize how tall it was," he continued with a laugh.

Lanois' work as both a producer and musician has shaped the evolution of the music industry. And like many artistic innovators he continues to push creative boundaries with new collaborations and technologies. In that spirit of collaboration the NAC Orchestra commissioned conductor David Martin to arrange a number of Lanois's recordings to be performed with the NAC Orchestra as part of the NAC Presents concert series and the Ontario Scene Festival.

This is the first time Daniel Lanois has performed his music with an orchestra. "It feels a little bit like there is a storm behind me – a harmonic storm of musical molecules." he said. "There's a term that we use in music called sound pressure," said Lanois. "And I can really sense the pressure of those instruments. The cellos and contrabasses and timpani. It's very powerful. And there's no substitute for that sensation that there's a lot of human beings involved in the support. It's a strange kind of conspiracy, which I like."

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