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A roaring finish to an outstanding tour

One would think that after travelling, performing and teaching in five cities across the UK over ten days the NAC Orchestra would be exhausted, and indeed they are. But no matter how many times they have hauled their luggage on and off buses, trains and planes or how many colds and flues have spread through the ranks this orchestra always bring their 'A game' to a performance.

As the last notes of Beethoven's Seventh Symphony faded in the hall the thunderous applause began and shouts of 'Bravo' and sound of stomping of feet filled the air. It is remarkable how much energy the NAC Orchestra dedicates to touring. Their efforts go beyond performance — taking the power of music beyond the concert stage and into the public. Music educator Jonathan James remarked on the impact the NAC Orchestra visit has had on the music community in Bristol.

"It has been quite a unique opportunity and I say that because  I witness quite a few touring orchestras come and go at this space and it has been colossal the amount of work that has gone on this afternoon on the eve of the final concert... That has been really wonderful to witness." said James.

For NAC Orchestra musicians and staff there were many exceptional moments during the UK Tour. From the warm and enthusiastic audiences to the joint performance with the Royal Philharmonic in London and the beautiful concert at Salisbury Cathedral. 

Audiences at home will be able to share in this remarkable tour through the broadcast of the Salisbury concert on CBC Radio 2 on November 11th and on CBC Television as part of its Remembrance Day special coverage. An hour-long broadcast of the concert will presented during the holidays season on CBC Television. 

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