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In these panel discussions, some of the leading artist-activists from across the land come together in longform conversations about the intersections of theatre and justice.

Storytelling the Justice System

This conversation brings together theatre-makers whose work examines systems of justice. Audrey Dwyer, Cole Alvis, and Kim Senklip Harvey reflect on the ways in which art can shape, uphold, and subvert narratives about the justice system, and the ways in which performance can help imagine alternative understandings of harm, accountability, and repair. 

PANELISTS: Audrey Dwyer, Cole Alvis, Kim Senklip Harvey 
MODERATOR: Nikki Shaffeeullah

Theatrical Interrogations: Cops in the Spotlight

This conversation about the colonial legacy of policing on Turtle Island brings together theatre makers to respond to the challenges of police, prisons and surveillance. What do abolition movements mean for theatre makers and audiences? What role can theatre play in shaping societal relationships to police, prisons, and surveillance culture – in terms of education, healing, change?

Panelists Omari Newton (Black and Blue Matters, Sal Capone), Makambe K. Simamba (Our Fathers, Sons, Lovers and Little Brothers) and Taiwo Afolabi (applied theatre practitioner and Assistant Professor at the University of Regina) will engage with the notion of abolition movements, and how we can use these principles to guide our art and our way of life to envision a world with true safety, security and justice. 

PANELISTS: Taiwo Afolabi, Omari Newton, Makambe K. Simamba 
MODERATOR: Mpoe Mogale

Featured artists

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    Taiwo Afolabi
  • 3-cole-alvis
    Cole Alvis
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    Audrey Dwyer
  • kim-senklip-harvey
    Kim Senklip Harvey
  • mpoe-mogale-credit-liam-mackenzie
    Associate Curator Mpoe Mogale
  • omari-newton
    Omari Newton
  • Curator Nikki Shaffeeullah
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    Makambe K. Simamba