NACO presents

Reggae Roots

Featuring Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser and Jah’Mila

Learn about the people, sounds, and stories of Reggae

Hailed as Reggae-roots royalty, Jamaican-born Halifax-based vocalist Jah’Mila finds her groove with Caribbean-Canadian conductor Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser and Canada’s National Arts Centre Orchestra in a video learning series that reflects on the historical, social, cultural, and spiritual importance of the magical genre that has shaped Jamaica and touched the world.

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  • Principal Youth Conductor and Creative Partner Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser
  • Singer-songwriter Jah’Mila
Ages 9-17

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Give your classroom a front-row seat to our video-on-demand learning series about the evolution of Jamaica’s most famous export: Reggae music.

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  • Module1

    Bashment to Bacchanale (BAH-kuh-NAL) walks us through music by some of the earliest non-Indigenous people in the Western world.  Brought over through slavery, many tribes from the African continent carried with them hope, strength, and...

  • Module2

    We all heard at one point that music is a universal language. But did you know that it was also used to fight for justice and liberation? This is especially true for Reggae. It began as a musical genre for marginalized people in Jamaica who used...

  • Module3

    Drum and bass form the foundation of Reggae music and this duo is considered Jamaica's greatest export.  Learn how the drum and bass establish the tempo, the melody, and the beat of the music. The module will also look at the...

  • Module4

    Do you ever get a strange feeling in the pit of your stomach, butterflies or goose bumps when you listen to music? Your body’s responses are important and should be trusted! In this module, we will connect with music through self-reflection and...

  • Module5

    Turn it up, slow it down… it’s time to get creative! In this module, we invite you to mix, remix, and experiment. Reggae has highly influenced the development of hip-hop, dub step and rap music just to name a few. By mixing sounds...

  • Module6

    Resourcefulness and tenacity are the foundations of Black musical expression, and Reggae is no different. These characteristics of Black music date back to the slave era, during which enslaved peoples, stripped of their instruments and cultural...

Featured artists

  • Principal Youth Conductor and Creative Partner Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser
  • Singer-songwriter Jah’Mila
  • NAC Orchestra
  • rr-kristine-kovacevic-crop
    supporting vocals Kristine Kovacevic
  • lead and supporting vocals Owen O’Sound Lee
  • alec-frith-crop
    bass guitar Alec Frith
  • teddy-skiffington-crop
    drums Tedmund ‘Teddy’ Skiffington
  • rr-charlie-benoit-crop
    guitar Charlie Benoit
  • French host Keithy Antoine

Creative and production teams

  • Artistic Director Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser
  • Associate Artistic Director Jhamiela Smith
  • Creative Producer Byron Kent Wong
  • Visual Design and Production ZERO11ZERO | Iron Bay Media
  • Associate Producer Kate Latimer
  • Video Director and Live Switcher Ian Cameron
  • Music-Recording Producer Carl Talbot
  • Sound Production Musicom Productions Inc.
  • Lighting Design Jean-François Couture
  • Executive Producer Genevieve Cimon
  • Producer Kelly Racicot
  • Technical Director Pasquale Cornacchia
  • Technical Director Peter Lyne
  • Stage Director Laurie Champagne
  • Marketing Lead Sibylle Berger

Video capture (Orchestra)

  • Video Director and Live Switcher Ian Cameron
  • Video Musical Director Jonathan Patterson
  • Live Score Reader Sean Haid
  • Cameras Matthew Cameron, Mathieu Dumontier, Stacy Lee, Sharif Mirshak, Martin Reisch

Video and audio capture (Nova Scotia)

  • Video Capture Charlie Benoit
  • Audio Recording Richard McNeil

Audio production and engineering - Musicom Productions Inc.

  • Music-Recording Producer Carl Talbot
  • Recording Sound and Mix Engineer François Arbour
  • Recording Sound Engineer Charles Gagnon

Special thanks

  • Consultant Dr. Carolyn Cooper
  • Learning Materials Jhamiela Smith
  • Learning Materials Ryan Drew
  • Learning Materials Kathryn Cobbler
  • Learning Materials Sarah Howard
  • Board Chair & President, African Nova Scotian Music Association (ANSMA) Louis Gannon Jr.
  • Composer James Poyser
  • Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia
  • Illustrations Mikheal Deans