Episode 3


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Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser, NACO Principal Youth Conductor and host
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Aliénor Rougeot, climate activist and host

Together, we can make a difference through our actions. The Great Canadian Orchestra Field Trip may be coming to an end, but the musical compositions of Kelly Bado, R. Murray Schafer, and Jonathan Ring carry an energy that both inspires and reflects the passion of youth climate activists around the world.

Featuring performances the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Vancouver Chamber Choir, musicians from the NAC Orchestra, and guest appearances from Wildlife DJ Ben Mirin and Indigenous rights advocate Autumn Peltier, this final installment looks at the creative world as a space for climate advocacy that inspires opportunities to take action.

Learner’s companion guide

In the Learner’s companion to Episode 3, students channel inspiration and reflection into action! Learn more about the music and musicians featured in the accompanying video series, and complete activities that range from making climate activism banners to composing soundscape compositions inspired by outdoor experiences.  

Curriculum links: Science, Geography, Social Studies, Music, and Visual Arts 

Learning outcomes

  • Compose your own soundscape compositions 
  • Embrace your inner Wildlife DJ 
  • Follow in the footsteps of youth climate activist Greta Thunberg 

“Fear, anxiety, anger and sadness are all rational responses to the climate crisis. However, these emotions can leave many of us feeling stuck in an uncomfortable place. Taking action against climate change—at my own pace and within my capabilities—is the reason I feel hope and excitement for the future.”

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    Climate activist Aliénor Rougeot

Featured performances 

Songwriter Kelly Bado’s Hey Terre is a “love song to planet earth” and a musical expression of gratitude and appreciation.

Performed by Kelly Bado and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. 


Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer’s Miniwanka, translated to “Moments of Water,” is a piece written for choir that explores water and the many forms it takes. With text set in the Indigenous languages Dakota, Wappo, Crow, Chinook, Achomawi, Otchipwe, Salish, Natick, Klamath, and Luiseno, this song set explores water’s journey through nature.

Performed by the Vancouver Chamber Choir.

Ben Mirin is an American musician, scientist, and explorer who makes every effort to communicate his love for nature to children and youth around the world. Combining his passion for music-making with his expert knowledge of biology and environmental sciences, Mirin has garnered the unique title of Wildlife DJ.  

ANTONIO VIVALDI The Four Seasons: Winter 
In The Four Seasons, each of the four movements begins with a short poem that sets the tone for the music to follow. Each poem describes a different part of the calendar year. A reflection of the poetry, Vivaldi’s work invites listeners to experience the outdoor world in constant transition from Spring to Summer to Autumn to Winter.

Performed by PEISO percussionist Ryan Elliot Drew

JONATHAN RING Fanfare for Greta
Inspired by Greta Thunberg’s passionate climate activism, American composer Jonathan Ring wrote the triumphant Fanfare for Greta. As Ring put it, “I began to think that if anyone were deserving of a fanfare, it would most certainly be Greta!”

Performed by the NAC Orchestra Brass and Percussion.