Live Artfully

Life is your canvas. Enrich it with the beauty of classical music. Discover a new sound and learn more about the NAC Orchestra.

There is more to classical music than meets the ear!

  • Meet the Musicians

    Learn more about each of our outstanding NAC Orchestra musicians.

  • Orchestra 101

    First time at the orchestra? All the answers to our frequently asked questions are here!

  • Explore the Season

    NAC Orchestra concerts from September 2018 to June 2019  are now on sale!

  • Musician Spotlight

    Get to know Anna Petersen, a NAC Orchestra oboist and discover how she lives artfully!

  • Musician Spotlight

    Get to know Chris Millard, a NAC Orchestra bassoonist and discover how he lives artfully!

  • Musician Spotlight

    Get to know Frédéric Moisan, a NAC Orchestra violonist and discover how he lives artfully!

“Our NAC Orchestra musicians never cease to amaze me with their ability to convey emotion in every note and come together to tell a story through music; it’s a privilege and an honour to be conducting such a world-class orchestra.”​ Alexander Shelley Music Director, NAC Orchestra
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