Alice Factory (in English)

A festive cinematic concert

2023-02-18 11:00 2023-02-19 13:00 60 Canada/Eastern 🎟 NAC: Alice Factory (in English)

In-person event

Tock-tick, tock-tick: time is out of whack and the clock’s hands are spinning backwards as you chase the rabbit all the way to a tiny door. You already know what’s hiding behind that door, or do you? You may think you know “Alice” and her “wonderland” by heart, but have you ever seen her many faces with your very own eyes?    Here’s a chance for you to experience ALL the movie and TV Alices in a dizzying, dazzling and delightful visual...

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Azrieli Studio,1 Elgin Street,Ottawa,Canada
février 18 - 19, 2023

≈ 55 minutes · No intermission

  • Creation, direction, scripting, staging, music, lighting, video editing and set design Théâtre Rude Ingénierie
  • With Bruno Bouchard, Philippe Lessard Drolet, Pascal Robitaille, and Alice Simard-Drolet
  • Produced by Théâtre Rude Ingénierie
  • Co-Production NAC French Theatre