Where are Clues to Climate Change?

SPHERE Festival

2022-09-22 17:00 2022-09-22 17:15 60 Canada/Eastern 🎟 NAC: Where are Clues to Climate Change?


In-person event

What helps understand climate change best, studying fossils from the past or small mammal behaviour today?
Join museum paleontologist Dani Fraser and mammal researcher Dominique Fauteux for a casual discussion as they explain what helps them unlock clues to a changing climate. In English – 5pm and 6pm (​15 min discussion).
Drop-by for casual conversations (in French or English) in between!

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Canadian Museum of Nature,240 McLeod Street,Ottawa,Canada
September 22, 2022
Canadian Museum of Nature 240 McLeod Street Ottawa Canada

≈ 15 min · With intermission