Red Sky Performance

2021-10-19 20:00 2021-10-23 22:00 60 Canada/Eastern 🎟 NAC: TRACE

In-person event

We are traceable to the very beginning of the universe. Our ancestral origins stretch across the Milky Way, from the stars to the atoms burning brightly inside of us here on Earth. Through highly kinetic contemporary dance, TRACE maps Anishinaabe sky and star stories into being on the stage, offering us a rare glimpse into our origin as well as our future evolution. TRACE promises explosive contemporary Indigenous performance. Red Sky Performance is a leading company of contemporary...

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Azrieli Studio,1 Elgin Street,Ottawa,Canada
October 19 - 23, 2021

≈ 55 minutes · No intermission

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Message from the Artistic Director

Trace is a highly kinetic contemporary dance and music work inspired by Indigenous (Anishinaabe) sky and star stories, offering a glimpse into our origin as well as our future evolution.

We are traceable to the beginnings of the universe, our ancestral origins stretching across the Milky Way to the atoms burning inside of us in the here and now.

Trace is a sumptuous creation that looks at all things traceable and what we leave behind as humans, as a culture, as a nation, and as an individual.

Trace leads us right back to source, to origin, so the question becomes what is our origin as Indigenous peoples? As Anishinaabe? The search for origin takes us to the beginning of time where we originated in the core of a star a long time ago. As Anishinaabe, we are known as the star people.

We deeply thank all of our relations and the Indigenous people of this land.

About Red Sky Performance

Red Sky Performance is a leading company of contemporary Indigenous performance in Canada and worldwide.

Led by Artistic Director Sandra Laronde of the Teme-Augama Anishinaabe (People of the Deep Water), they are currently in our 21st year of dance, theatre, music, and media.

Red Sky’s mission is to create inspiring experiences of contemporary Indigenous arts and culture that transform society. They create, produce, and tour original work to expand the ecology of contemporary Indigenous performance.

They are dedicated to working with emerging and established artists as they hone their artistic practice, particularly through an Indigenous lens, offering unique opportunities for these practitioners to thrive creatively and professionally.

Touring since 2003, Red Sky has delivered over 2,778 performances across Canada including 198 international performances in 17 countries on four continents, including landmark events such as at two Cultural Olympiads (Beijing and Vancouver), World Expo in Shanghai, Venice Biennale, and Jacob’s Pillow. At the same time, they have remained deeply rooted and invested on a grassroots level and regularly perform in urban, rural and reserve communities across Turtle Island.

Red Sky is the recipient of 16 Dora Mavor Moore awards and nominations, two Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards, three International Youth Drama Awards from Shenzhen, China, and the Smithsonian Expressive Award, among other recognitions.

World Premiere of Trace at Canadian Stage | U.S. Premiere of Trace at Jacob’s Pillow

Indigenous Theatre team

Kevin Loring, Artistic Director  
Lori Marchand, Managing Director  
Lindsay Lachance, Artistic Associate (on leave)  
Samantha MacDonald, Producer  
Sage Nokomis Wright, Associate Producer
Mairi Brascoupé, Indigenous Cultural Resident 
Kerry Corbiere, Education Coordinator  
Spike Lyne, Technical Director  
RJ Mitchell, Assistant Technical Director  
Jenna Spagnoli, Marketing and Communications Officer

NAC Dance team

Cathy Levy, Executive Producer  
Tina Legari, Associate Producer  
Mireille Nicholas, Special Projects Coordinator and Assistant to the Executive Producer 
Sophie Anka, Company Manager 
Siôned Watkins, Education Associate and Teaching Artist 
Brian Britton, Technical Director 
Livia Belcea, Communications Strategist  
Chatelaine Rindorindo, Marketing Strategist


  • sandralaronde-crop
    Director & Concept Sandra Laronde
  • 2-jera-wolfe-choreography11
    Choreographer Jera Wolfe
  • 9-eliot-britton-composer1
    Composer & Sound Designer Eliot Britton
  • 11-alexis-bowles-lighting-designer1
    Lighting Designer Alexis Bowles
  • 12-chris-malkowski-lighting-director1
    Lighting Director Chris Malkowski
  • 13-marcella-grimaud-video-director1
    Creative Video Director/Screen Manager Marcella Grimaux
  • 14-daniel-faubert-head-motion-designer1
    Head Motion Designer Daniel Faubert
  • 10-kinoo-arcentales-costumes1
    Costume Designer Kinoo Arcentales
  • 3-sarah-di-iorio-dancer1
    Dancer Sarah Di Iorio
  • Dancer Miyeko Ferguson
  • 5-lindsay-harpham-dancer1
    Dancer Lindsay Harpham
  • 6-tyler-layton-olson-dancer1
    Dancer Tyler Layton-Olson
  • Dancer Jessica Mak
  • 8-connor-mitton-dancer1
    Dancer Connor Mitton
  • Production Stage Manager Sarah Miller
  • No headshot
    Collaborator, Vocalist and Musician (recorded) Ora Barlow-Tukaki
  • No headshot
    Vocalist (recorded) Nelson Tagoona
  • No headshot
    Musician Ian De Souza
  • No headshot
    Musician Nadene Pita
  • No headshot
    Collaborator, Musician Rick Sacks
  • No headshot
    Technical Designer Alexandre Barette