All Ages

Get ready! The North is coming.

This exciting collaboration between The 7 Fingers, one of Quebec’s leading cirque companies, and Igloolik-based Artcirq, brings to life Inuit creation stories as depicted by the gorgeous illustrations of renowned Inuk artist Germaine Arnaktauyok and animated by Taqqut Productions. I’m honoured that Indigenous Theatre has been able to support the presentation of this work, which was developed with support from the National Creation Fund. It’s going to blow your minds.

Message from the Co-Artistic Directors

The North is vast. Many other versions of those old stories have been traveling the land through time. Some are still strong and present in our minds today, but some other stories are about to be forgotten. This is another attempt to keep those stories alive. Tonight, you may not understand everything, but allow yourself to be carried away.   

Patrick Léonard, Terence Uyarak, Guillaume Ittukssarjuat Saladin & Neil Christopher, Co-Artistic Directors, Unikkaaqtuat