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Ajara, Kodo © Takashi Okamoto
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Ajara, Kodo © Takashi Okamoto
Music Dance
“Kodo combines theater, dance — and thumping music — to showcase its unique art form.” Andrew Gilbert The Boston Globe, March 13, 2011

NAC Co-presentation

A co-presentation of NAC Dance and Music Departments

Discover why percussion is the primal source of all movement and rhythm as Kodo, Japan’s taiko performing arts ensemble return with their most ambitious production yet!

Kodo One Earth Tour: Mystery, conceived by brilliant Artistic Director and acclaimed Kabuki performer, Tamasaburo Bando, creates the mood of mystery and wonder common to sacred places everywhere. Mystery is a breathtaking combination of athletic and electrifying drumming, exquisite musicianship, stunning visuals, and pure theatre. It’s darkness and light, exotic creatures, mysterious reverberations – and the legendary wall of sound. Known for power and precision, for discipline, endurance, and sheer spectacle, these percussionist kamikazes will leave you breathless.

video: One Earth Tour: Mystery
One Earth Tour: Mystery
Ajara, Kodo © Takashi Okamoto
Hekireki, Kodo © Takashi Okamoto


  • choreography Tamasaburo Bando