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Dino Cam © Photo: Edward Westerhuis

A Ramshackle Theatre production

Created by: Brian Fidler, Edward Westerhuis
Music and Sound Design: Jordy Walker
Zoobee Zoobak Animation: Edward Westerhuis, Lindsay Dobbin
Meanwhile Backstage Animation: Edward Westerhuis, Brian Fidler


Take a theatre director with a fascination for 1950s sci-fi and a filmmaker with a passion for puppetry.  Throw in a glue gun, some cardboard, string and markers, add a shared love of the absurd and you have the unique puppet experience that is Sci-Fi Double Feature.


With its ingeniously designed puppets and sets and an irreverent approach to storytelling, this small-scale show brings new meaning to the term "double feature”. Thanks to the unique technique of capturing the performance live on video and simultaneously projecting it onto a large screen, the audience can choose to look at the “making of” in the puppet world, or to watch the movie unfold within the frame of the silver screen. This is puppetry that boldly goes where no puppetry has gone before!


Ramshackle Theatre acknowledges the support of the Yukon Government and Culture Quest.

Dino Cam © Photo: Edward Westerhuis
Meanwhile Backstage © Photo: Edward Westerhuis
Bird Nest © Photo: Edward Westerhuis
Chase City © Photo: Edward Westerhuis