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Northern Scene is the largest gathering of artists from Yukon, Nunavut, the Northwest Territories, Nunavik and Nunatsiavut ever presented outside the region. Learn More

250 artists 50 events 10 days

Northern Scene

April 25 – May 4 2013


  1. Video Preview
  2. Gatineau A Taste of the Wildcat

  3. Free Artists’ Marketplace

  4. Free Welcome Ceremony

  5. Sold Out A Circumpolar Soundscape

  6. Free Over the Rainbow, Under the...

    Artist Talk with...

  7. SWARM

  8. Relish

    Northern Flavours in...

  9. Free Larger Than Life: Workshop with...

  10. Sold Out Susan Aglukark and Diyet

  11. Free Boundless: Fashion from Canada’s North

  12. Free Michael Kusugak Book Signing

  13. Adventures in Canada’s North

  14. Free Kinngait: Riding Light into the...

  15. Free Larger Than Life: Artists in...

  16. Sold Out Northern Scene Fiddle Showcase

  17. Sold Out Ivan Coyote and Taqralik Partridge

  18. Northern Rock

  19. Family Fun Day

    Discover the North with your family

  20. A Promise is a Promise

  21. Free Dorset Seen: Artist Talk with...

  22. Sold Out Spirit of the Drums

  23. Northwords

  24. I Count Myself Among Them

  25. A Taste of the Arctic

  26. Leela Gilday

  27. Sold Out Famous 5 Luncheon

    Honouring Northern...

  28. Free (ta•ku•shur•nai•tuk): Curatorial Walkthrough

  29. Gatineau Free Re-Visioning the North - In...

  30. Free Dawson Gold: Valerie Salez in...

  31. Stories from the Northwest Territories

  32. Gatineau Sold Out Artcirq

  33. Free Northern Scene at Wabano

  34. North-South Fusion

    Live Cooking...

  35. Songs of the 60th

  36. Free Degrees North

  37. Free The Accidental Discovery of Gold...

  38. Sold Out Elisapie and Sarah MacDougall

  39. Justice

  40. Free Blood and Snow

    Short films and...

  41. Free Cabin Fever

  42. Gatineau Contemporary Inuit Art – A...

    A guided tour of the...

  43. How The Light Gets In

  44. The Grub-Stake Revisited

  45. Sold Out Tulugak: Inuit Raven Stories

  46. Sci-Fi Double Feature

  47. Free Inuit Fantastic Art – A...

  48. Sold Out Tanya Tagaq: Nanook of the...

  49. Northern Blues