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Oil and Water

Petrina Bromley

Paul Daly

Clint Butler, Ryan Allen, Mike Payette

Neptune Theatre

Alison Woolridge, Ryan Allen, Mike Payette

Peter Bromley

Alison Woolridge, Neema Bikersteth, Jeremiah Sparks

Neptune Theatre

Cast of Oil and Water

Peter Bromley

NAC Presentation

Approximately 1 hour 25 minutes with no intermission.

An Artistic Fraud of Newfoundland Production (St. John's)

A compelling true story of rescue, rebirth, and salvation. Barely surviving a WWII shipwreck, U.S. sailor Lanier Phillips becomes the first black man to appear in St. Lawrence, Newfoundland. Long accustomed to racism back home, Lanier’s life is forever altered by the kindness and generosity of local residents. Hopeful and haunting, bleak and beautiful, Oil and Water’s tale of transformation – of baptism, cleansing, and awakening – delivers a powerful dramatic punch.

Did you know?
Lanier Phillips (1923 – 2012), the U.S. Navy’s first black sonar technician and a civil rights activist, was also an honorary member of the Order of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Dramatic and brilliantly conceived… Oil and Water is a total theatrical experience that
is not to be missed.


Ottawa citizen