Robert Chafe

Artistic Director and Playwright

St. John’s, Newfoundland

For Robert Chafe, creation is about identity. “all my work lands in that room — asking questions of myself, my culture and our place in the world.” Chafe’s plays are fiction, drawn from the true and extraordinary stories of Newfoundland. Canada’s National Arts Centre celebrates creation and the storytellers that have, as Robert puts it, “the urge to seek.” He believes “creation emerges from this love of place, a desire for connection — and communion.” And, while he’s driven to create, the process remains a mystery to Robert Chafe. “Creation comes like little sparks of magic,” he says, “and like other artists from Newfoundland, my goal is to ensure creation is alive and thrives. It isn’t stuck in amber.” 

...If you want to be happy, just create something... Creation is the path to human fulfillment. And when I read that, that really resonated with me. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be a creator of some kind.

Robert Chafe