Shin Sugino

Jillian Keiley

Newfoundland director

“The National Arts Centre was a place for me to aspire to–but it always seemed quite in the great beyond.”

Jillian Keiley’s National Moment came in 2003 when a production she had directed, Tempting Providence, was selected for the NAC’s Atlantic Scène Festival.

While the show was a hit in Newfoundland two years earlier, it was virtually unknown outside the province. However, following its mainland debut at the NAC, Tempting Providence went on tour for almost eleven years! “That gave us the credibility we needed; it was a massive shot in the arm.”

Keiley has since gone from success to success at the NAC, which has become a gateway to Canada and beyond for her uniquely Canadian productions. Awarded the Siminovitch Prize for Direction in 2004, Jillian was recently appointed Artistic Director of English Theatre at Canada’s National Arts Centre.