January 13, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.
© Julie Charland
© Julie Charland
Art and its superpowers

A snake wants to fly, and the moon falls into the water! In this delightful journey of visual discoveries, made-up songs and poetic puppets, art reveals its secrets and even its superpowers. What if there were a little bit of artist in all of us?

To enter the world of art, you need a magic door! Sylvie Gosselin has built one and invites you to go through it! On the other side, an intriguing museum. Led by your guide-storyteller-puppeteer, follow the wandering pointer to the works of art. Each is a story, a model world inspired by the luminous artist Paul Klee. This multidisciplinary, and quite magical, solo achieves the impossible: it succeeds (just wait till you see how) in REVEALING THE INVISIBLE.

Depending on public health guidelines, this show will be presented in-person at the NAC. Visit How the NAC is responding to COVID-19 to learn more. 

The show is approximately 55 minutes with no intermission.

Performance is approximately 50 minutes with no intermission.

© Julie Charland
© Philippe Marois
© Philippe Marois
© Philippe Marois
© Philippe Marois


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  • Directed and performed by Sylvie Gosselin
  • Written by Sylvie Gosselin, based on the writings of Martin Bellemare, Nathalie Derome, Hélène Mercier and Paul Klee
  • Sets, costumes, props and puppets Sylvie Gosselin
  • Lighting Luc Prairie
  • Sound Francis Rossignol
  • Objective eyes and valued partners Nathalie Derome, Jackie Gosselin, Hélène Mercier, Luc Prairie
  • Photography and video Philippe Marois
  • Produced by Sylvie Gosselin