Sylvie Gosselin

Last updated: March 19, 2024

Artist with Two Loves

Visual or performing arts? Sylvie Gosselin chose both! The two disciplines are constantly in dialogue in her practice. Sylvie’s acting credits include her luminous roles in Passe-partout and Le temps d’une paix, and her appearances in some 50 stage plays across the country. In the field of children’s theatre, she combines her talent as a performer with her visual arts skills to create wonderful works of home-spun magic: La couturière (2004), Contes Arbour (2013) and Histoires d’ailes et d’échelles (2018). As for her art, theatre is never far away: her installation Mémorial – suites lumineuses comprises both light and objects.

Upcoming events

  1. In-person Video
     © Renard Doux par Sylvie Gosselin

    Renard Doux is a papercraft theatre of objects created and performed by Sylvie Gosselin to showcase the value of intergenerational relationships and the bond between a child, Renard Doux, and her Mamou—a gift that goes both ways.…

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