Dans le bleu

8:00 pm

April 2020

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© Julie Charland
Life at full sail

A young woman, the sea, and the turbulent and sparkling story of an intercontinental sailing voyage. With Dans le bleu, Magali Lemèle offers an autobiographical travelogue with the feel of a philosophical fable. The adventure is beautiful, captivating, touching, and full of stars.

Magali boards a sailboat with a captain, his young wife, and a girl from Marseille to cross the Atlantic, from the Bahamas to Île-aux-Moines. Their intimate adventure is punctuated by magical episodes—punk jellyfish, phosphorescent plankton, dolphins in the moonlight, swimming in the endless expanse—but also by physical, romantic and interpersonal challenges. There are moments of doubt, ecstasy, agitation; encounters that are exhausting, others that are invigorating; and most of all, the turquoise and ever-changing immensity of the ocean.

Previously presented in preliminary form as part of a “Carte Blanche” creative residency at Espace René-Provost and as a staged reading at the Zones Théâtrales theatre biennial, Magali Lemèle’s debut play is written in four movements, like a piece of music. The performer whom NAC French Theatre audiences applauded in Marie-Claude Verdier’s Je n’y suis plus in fall 2013 is also a gifted storyteller. She is accompanied on her theatrical voyage by director Gabriel Plante.

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© Julie Charland


  • Written and performed by Magali Lemèle
  • Directed by Gabriel Plante
  • Assistant director and stage manager Vanessa Beaupré
  • Set design Mélanie Myers
  • Lighting Michael Brunet
  • Sound Frédéric Auger
  • Costumes Normand Thériault
  • Produced by NAC French Theatre and Théâtre de l’Île