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© Julie Charland
“Aren’t you sick of being this sort of brainless creature? Who doesn’t think, who ends up in jail, this rather ridiculous thing, not to put too fine a point on it—in a word, this puppet?” - The Fairy Pinocchio, Joël Pommerat

“Nothing is more important than living your truth.”

This version of Pinocchio traces a vile, ungrateful puppet’s journey toward becoming human. Stripping the familiar story of its marvellous bestiary, the play exposes the harsh reality at its core, in all its troubling strangeness. An extraordinary piece of theatre, the kind only Joël Pommerat can carve.

Carved out of a tree trunk by a poor, lonely old man, Pinocchio comes to life for the first time. But the impudent and cruel child refuses to educate himself, seeking only constant and effortless entertainment … until a very elegant fairy and a stint in the belly of a monster awaken his longing to be human. In a carnival atmosphere, with stage effects that alternately delight and disturb, theatre alchemist Joël Pommerat and Compagnie Louis Brouillard tell “the true story” of the puppet imagined by Carlo Collodi.

*** All ages (starting from 8 years old) ***

*** In French only, no surtitles ***

Performance is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes with no intermission.

© Julie Charland
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© Elizabeth Carecchio
© Elizabeth Carecchio
© Elizabeth Carecchio
© Elizabeth Carecchio
© Elizabeth Carecchio


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  • Based on the story by Carlo Collodi
  • A theatrical creation by Joël Pommerat
  • Cast Myriam Assouline, Mohamed Elasri, Pierre-Yves Chapalain, Daniel Dubois and Maya Vignando
  • Artistic collaboration Philippe Carbonneaux
  • Set design Eric Soyer
  • Lighting design Eric Soyer assisted by Renaud Fouquet
  • Mannequins Fabienne Killy assisted by Laurence Fourmond
  • Costumes Marie-Hélène Bouvet assisted by Elisabeth Cerqueira
  • Design and construction of fairy’s dress Jean-Michel Angays
  • Music Antonin Leymarie
  • Recording studio musicians Shan Lefrant (sousaphone, tuba), Brice Pichard (trumpet), Adrien Amey (saxophone), Gabriel Levasseur (accordion), Fidel Fourneyron trombone), Scaba Palotai (guitar), Rémi Sciuto (woodwinds, musical saws) and Mathieu Ha (vocals)
  • Sound design François Leymarie, Grégoire Leymarie and Yann Priest
  • Sound engineer Yann Priest
  • Lighting engineer Jean-Pierre Michel
  • Stage managers Mohamed Elasri and Bruno Racine
  • Stagehands Paul Argis and Margot Boche
  • Surtitle manager Jorge Tomé
  • Set construction Atelier de construction du CDN de Caen and Ateliers Berthier
  • Props design and construction Thomas Ramon – Artom
  • Produced by Compagnie Louis Brouillard
  • Coproducers (original production) L’Espace Malraux – Scène nationale de Chambéry et de la Savoie, Centre Dramatique Régional de Tours, Théâtre de Villefranche – Scène conventionnée Rhône Alpes, La Ferme de Bel Ebat (Guyancourt), Théâtre Brétigny – Scène conventionnée du Val d’Orge, Le Gallia Théâtre – Scène conventionnée de Saintes, Théâtre National de Bordeaux Aquitaine, Les Salins – Scène nationale de Martigues, Théâtre du Gymnase (Marseille), CNCDC de Châteauvallon, MC2 – Maison de la culture de Grenoble, Scène nationale de Cavaillon, festival Automne en Normandie and Comédie de Caen – CDN de Normandie
  • Coproducer (remount) Scène nationale d’Albi