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''If the answer's a human being then what is the question ?'' Le chœur des Filles dans « Le reste vous le connaissez par le cinéma »

NAC Co-production

Mythology lesson

Martin Crimp’s ferociously funny, profoundly tragic play-within-a-play turns a new lens on the story of Oedipus and his lame lineage. Director Christian Lapointe invites us into a classroom where questions become the weapons of a revolt on the rise.

Eteocles and his brother Polynices are engaged in a fight to the death for the throne of Thebes. They are the incestuous offspring of the tainted Labdacid line, sons of Oedipus and Jocasta, and though their dialogue has a contemporary ring, they will suffer a classically tragic fate. As reimagined by playwright Martin Crimp, Euripides’ chorus of young girls become trailblazers who drive the unfolding of the myth through the actions of characters dissociated from their true selves. Translated and directed by Christian Lapointe, whose staging enlists the conventions of the classroom, this is one mythology lesson you won’t soon forget.

© Julie Charland


  • Written by Martin Crimp, published and represented by L’Arche, publisher and theatrical talent agency. www.arche-editeur.com (in French only)
  • Based on The Phoenician Women by Euripides
  • Translated into Québécois and directed by Christian Lapointe
  • Cast Marc Béland, Florence Blain Mbaye, Lise Castonguay, Claudia Chillis Rivard, Gabrielle Côté, Laura Côté-Bilodeau, Mellissa Larivière, Nathalie Mallette, Marie-Ève Perron, Ève Pressault, Éric Robidoux, Jules Ronfard, Paul Savoie and Gabriel Szabo
  • Set design Jean Hazel
  • Lighting design Sonoyo Nishikawa
  • Video Lionel Arnould
  • Costumes Elen Ewing
  • Music Nicolas Basque
  • Props Claire Renaud
  • Dramaturg Andréane Roy
  • Assistant director Emmanuelle Kirouac-Sanche
  • Technical director Matéo Thébaudeau and Alex Gendron
  • Production manager Line Noël
  • Coproduced by ESPACE GO, Carte Blanche and NAC French Theatre
  • Artistic codirection Christian Lapointe, Ginette Noiseux and Brigitte Haentjens