© Julie Charland
“Heaven cannot brook two suns, nor earth two masters.” Alexandre le Grand

“Come closer. I know who you are.”

The final oration of a conqueror who shaped a chapter of human history. A legacy sizzling with the red-hot brand of ambition, victory, and thirst for military conquests and spiritual battles. The story of Alexander the Great, reimagined by Laurent Gaudé and UBU and featuring Emmanuel Schwartz.

Babylon, 323 BCE. Alexander the Great lies dying of a fever. As he contemplates Death, the legendary conqueror invites it to listen to the story of his life. He recalls the exhilaration of his epic travels and the intoxicating thrill of his perpetual quest, fuelled by his unquenchable desire to venture ever deeper into unknown lands. His final battle is a delirious monologue about humanity, death, hate and friendship, set down in the powerful language of Laurent Gaudé and delivered by the matchless Emmanuel Schwartz, impeccably directed by Denis Marleau.

© Julie Charland
© Yanick Macdonald
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© Yanick Macdonald


  • Written by Laurent Gaudé
  • Directed by Denis Marleau
  • Artistic Collaboration and Video Concepts by Stéphanie Jasmin
  • With Emmanuel Schwartz
  • Coproduced by Théâtre de Quat’Sous and UBU compagnie de création
  • Assistant director Carol-Anne Bourgon-Sicard
  • Set design Stéphanie Jasmin et Denis Marleau
  • Lighting design Marc Parent
  • Music Philippe Brault
  • Makeup and hair Angelo Barsetti
  • Assistant set designer Stéphane Longpré
  • Sound design Julien Eclancher
  • Video coordination and editing Pierre Laniel