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Ages 14 +

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© Julie Charland

Approximately 60 minutes with no intermission.

I can hear your heart beating in my ear

An empty white space; bright light. We could be in a museum gallery, but the works on display here are teenagers and adults wearing headsets. Little by little they reveal themselves, through their tentative presence, through their disturbing or amusing statements. They talk about everything: themselves, their family, their future; they play Truth or Consequences, they exchange pieces of clothing. What’s real in all of this? The performance is different in every host city, depending on the local young people cast in the show. A meaningful and vibrant portrait of life captured in the moment.

Stay tuned for the casting call!

Impatience has played in Montreal, Mons (Belgium) and Toronto, and is en route to Ottawa-Gatineau.

I remember how as teenagers, my friends and I wanted the same rights as adults; we craved the freedom that was being measured out to us in dribs and drabs. We wanted things to go fast: fall in love fast, change fast, grow up fast …

Anne-Marie Ouellet


  • Impatience


  • With Philippe Racine, Sara Simard and three local teenagers

Sets: Romain Fabre
Lighting: Nancy Bussière
Lighting design assistant: Cédric Delorme-Bouchard

Produced by L’eau du bain
In association with Usine C