October 13, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.
 | Jonathan Lorange
Seeker of Art

Anne-Marie Ouellet

Playwright and director Anne‑Marie Ouellet is the indefatigable head prospector of L’eau du bain (Nous voilà rendus, Le son de lère est froid, Impatience). With her faithful sidekick Thomas Sinou, she mines reality to unearth nuggets of gold/art to put onstage, setting up a mischievous, occasionally puzzling exchange between audience and actors, reality and imagination. A native of Alma, in Quebec’s Lac-Saint-Jean region, Anne‑Marie ranged widely during her professional training, from Chicoutimi to Paris (Conservatoire) by way of Montreal (UQAM). She currently teaches theatre at the University of Ottawa.