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King Arthur, Niall McNeil

Photo: Tristan Casey

King Arthur, Niall McNeil

Photo: Tristan Casey

King Arthur, Niall McNeil

Photo: Tristan Casey

NAC English Theatre Collaboration

  • Creation Niall McNeil and Marcus Youssef
  • Director James Long
  • Music Veda Hille


Performance is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes with no intermission.

Niall McNeil is an accomplished actor whose life experience includes Down syndrome. Together with Canadian theatre-makers Marcus Youssef and James Long, he has created his version of the archetypal story of King Arthur, with original songs and music by Canadian alt-songstress Veda Hille. Defying categorizations like “fictional” and “real,” King Arthur’s Night draws on the source material, pop culture, and Niall’s personal life. The result constantly subverts expectations.

Featuring a fully integrated professional cast of actors with and without Down syndrome, King Arthur’s Night delightfully redefines what is possible in theatre, in language, and in the stories that define our world.

Contains loud music, theatrical fog as well as frightening scenes and some strong language. Recommended for children age 12 and up.

King Arthur’s Night is an inclusive theatre experience conceived with the help of the Down Syndrome Research Foundation. In an effort to make theatre accessible to everyone, Canada Scene is offering a relaxed performance of this production on Sunday, June 25 at 2 pm.

Commissioned by the Luminato Festival, coproduced by the National Arts Centre in collaboration with NAC’s English Theatre.


  • With Niall McNeil
    Amber Funk-Barton
    Andrew Gordon
    Tiffany King
    Nicola Lipman
    Anton Lipovetsky
    Billy Marchenski
    Lucy McNulty
    Matthew Tom-Wing
    Marcus Youssef

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