April 8, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.

Les matinées berçantes - Natashquan

This event has passed

Ages: 0 to 3 years

To the strains of a familiar lullaby and the rhythmic creaking of a wooden rocking chair, a baby falls asleep, nestled in loving arms. A gentle, soothing sensation and one of our earliest memories. To recapture that comforting experience, Les Incomplètes created Les matinées berçantes. Laurence P Lafaille, Audrey Marchand and Josiane Bernier set out along the highways and byways of Gascony, Alsace, and the Innu community of Quebec’s Côte-Nord region, gathering traditional lullabies. Three different cultures woven into an ethereal electro-acoustic concert, drawing parents and children into a remarkable, ever-shifting soundscape. Three unique opportunities to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and hide out together as a family.

In one of AXENÉO7’s galleries, a grouping of mismatched chairs defines a welcoming space for gathering and sharing, a cozy comfort zone to sit and curl up in. A musician is warming up, surrounded by a fascinating jumble of equipment: a computer, musical instruments, and all kinds of electrical cords and switches are his favourite toys. Meanwhile, parents, infants, big brothers and big sisters are chatting or playing … until they are gradually swept into the musical wave. Like a lullaby, this family outing involves some basic but essential actions: relaxing, looking after each other, surrendering to the images, memories and sensations conjured up by the music. Letting go. And then sharing the experience over a post-show snack. Since the presentation of Édredon at the NAC in 2013, Les Incomplètes have shown that our most intimate rituals can forge our connection to the world.

The presentation includes a snack, and a display of the Lullaby Cycle to explore.

Les matinées berçantes is a series of shows presented over three week-ends. Each of those is based on lullabies from a specific region.

If you are curious, you can also attend:
May 13-14, Gascogne;
May 27-28, Alsace

video: Les matinées berçantes - Natashquan, presented by NAC French Theatre
Les matinées berçantes - Natashquan, presented by NAC French Theatre
Josiane Bernier
Josiane Bernier
Josiane Bernier
Josiane Bernier
Josiane Bernier
Josiane Bernier


  • Concept by Audrey Marchand, Laurence P Lafaille and Josiane Bernier
  • Live audio performance Philippe Lessard Drolet
  • Production Les Incomplètes