February 12, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.
Weavers of Connections

Les Incomplètes

Les Incomplètes specialize in joining fragments together and connecting seemingly disparate things. Inspired by pluralism in art, their practice combines theatre, dance, music and visual art to create sensory driven pieces full of rich imagery. Founded in 2011 in Quebec City, the company is directed by Laurence P Lafaille and Audrey Marchand, both graduates of Laval University’s theatre program. The two actor–directors got their start in theatre for young audiences as artist–facilitators with Les Gros Becs children’s theatre company. They are particularly interested in creating aesthetic experiences for babies and toddlers that will also appeal to the adults accompanying them. Their productions combine natural elements, strong sensations and familiar emotions, and parents are often surprised by how engaged they become. Together with the third founding member of the company, choreographer and performer Josiane Bernier, and taking turns as director, performer and artistic director, they have created Édredon/Quilt (2013), Eaux/Streams (2014) and Terrier/Burrow (2015), all of which have been presented at the NAC.