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26 lettres à danser

  Academic Hall, University of Ottawa 133 Séraphin Marion Street, Ottawa
  Academic Hall, University of Ottawa 133 Séraphin Marion Street, Ottawa
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26 lettres à danser

Rolline Laporte

26 lettres à danser

Rolline Laporte

Ages 4 to 10

A frog-man tells funny fables with fantastic finesse. You guessed it: it’s the letter F’s turn! Get ready: in this show for four intrepid dancers, alphabet letters swarm over the stage and words begin to sway and twirl. Encountering the letter A, the performers are surprised, shy, or full of admiration. Ah, that’s it! With the letter B, they fight over a blue balloon. Brilliant! For the letter I, they improvise on the theme of intimidation. Incredible! The letters fly by, and it’s impossible to catch every single word contained in each scene, but who cares? The important thing is to keep up! Leaping around the stage, the merry quartet plays with props, celebrates with colour, and dances with light. New ideas pop up like fireworks in this lively and imaginative journey from A to Z!

Before the show even starts, the performers reach out to the audience: “What’s the first letter of your name?” As the performance unfolds, the young spectators are irresistibly drawn in as they recognize familiar words and discover new ones, play with language, and test their knowledge. This activity involves every part of the body, from head to toe! Choreographer Hélène Langevin appeals to children’s intelligence and insight in a spirit of fun and whimsy. In 26 lettres à danser (The 26-Letter Dance), she connects with every child’s capacity for silliness and openness. Wanna play?


  • Rehearsal director and co-choreographer Jean-François Légaré
  • With Ariane Boulet, Joannie Douville, Alexandre Parenteau et Georges-Nicolas Tremblay
  • Production Bouge de là

Guest choreographers: Caroline Laurin-Beaucage (letter T), Menka Nagrani (letter F), Manuel Roque (letters U and V)
Dramaturgical consultant: Claudine Robillard
Set design: Richard Lacroix
Lighting: Caroline Ross
Music: Bernard Falaise
Costumes: Marilène Bastien

With Ariane Boulet, Joannie Douville, Alexandre Parenteau, Georges-Nicolas Tremblay

Produced by Bouge de là
Creative partners: Maison culturelle et communautaire de Montréal-Nord and Théâtre de la Ville (Longueuil)


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