Who Killed Spalding Gray?

Who Killed Spalding Gray?

Guntar Kravis

On the weekend of January 11, 2004, celebrated American monologist Spalding Gray ended his life by jumping off the Staten Island Ferry in new York. That same weekend, on the other side of the country, DANIEL MACIVOR was spending three days in California in a series of sessions with a man who had offered to save MacIvor’s life. Connecting these two real stories is a fiction derived from the obsessions of Gray and the inventions of MacIvor about a man named How who had forgotten how to live. A solo performance about truth and lies and the four most important things in life.

Who Killed Spalding Gray? links the two events in a powerfully entertaining one-man show that is smart, intense, and brutally truthful. MacIvor lays himself bare, delivering a crafted performance that is sometimes dark, sometimes uncomfortably funny, but always candid and honest.

Who Killed Spalding Gray? reunites MacIvor with renowned Canadian director DANIEL BROOKS for their sixth solo-show collaboration.

This play contains adult subject matter.

[MacIvor’s] playwriting brings to the stage moments in life for which there are no words, exploring those things that escape categorization by language.

Jury remarks, Siminovitch Prize, Playwright Remarque du jury, prix Siminovitch, catégorie « dramaturge »


  • A production of reWORK (TORONTO)
  • Written and performed by Daniel MacIvor
  • Created by Daniel MacIvor
  • with Daniel Brooks
  • and Iris Turcott
  • Directed by Daniel Brooks