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  • Suicide: When a person intentionally ends their own life it has an irrevocable impact on those left behind. Suicide is often caused by feelings of despair and isolation; it is difficult to predict or prevent.  Suicide is disproportionately prevalent in Aboriginal communities.
  • Substance Abuse: A pattern of consumption that is harmful to oneself or others, usually of a physically or psychologically habit-forming substance. The top four substances abused by Ontario students are: alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs and tobacco. 
  • Family: The family is a social unit affiliated by blood, marriage or cohabitation. Each family has its own authority structure, value system, tensions, ties and expectations. Nuclear, blended, intergenerational and single parent households are equally prevalent family circumstances. 
  • Sexual Identity: One of many aspects of identity, sexual identity evolves throughout one’s lifetime. Social expectations, restrictive labels and peer pressure may inhibit the expression of one’s sexual identity. 
  • Indigenous Culture: Canada’s First People have numerous rich and diverse cultures expressed through contemporary and traditional means. Indigenous culture and history have substantially impacted contemporary Canadian culture.     
  • Bullying:  Deliberate and repeated harm to an individual or group with less power by physical, verbal or psychological means (for example through alienation from peers). Because the bully derives satisfaction from feeling empowered, this behaviour will escalate in scope and severity if unchecked.