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An adolescent First Nations male who lives in a reserve community with his family. Wind is imaginative and inherently optimistic, using humour and resilience to endure physical and sexual abuse. He is the self-appointed guardian of his younger brother, Huff.


Wind’s younger brother, Huff rarely speaks and always follows Wind’s lead. He, too, has an undefiled kernel of joy which is fed by his relationship with Wind, and thrives on that support.


Father to Huff, Wind and Charles, Dad is gruff and volatile. He is somewhat overwhelmed by the responsibility of raising three boys after their mother’s death and believes in corporal punishment.


Wind and Huff’s affectionate maternal grandmother. She lives in another residence within their community and disagrees with Dad’s childrearing choices, but does not have the resources to take them herself.


Wind and Huff’s teenaged older brother. Cruelly domineering, he exhibits developmental challenges and emotional volatility.


Wind and Huff’s pet dog, personified as a loyal defender of the brothers against all threats.


Wind and Huff’s mother who committed suicide before the story begins. She is evoked in memory.


Personified skunk encountered by Huff and Wind in the woods. Suspicious, defensive.


Personified odor from skunk spray and later from Huff’s soiled underpants. Disrespectful and overbearing.


Dad’s girlfriend, who lives with the family. Charles, Huff and Wind’s reluctant de facto step-mother.

Big Mama Sega Genesis

Personified gaming system imbued with supportive, motherly characteristics who wants to please the boys.

Miss Ratface

A teacher at Huff and Wind’s school who openly demeans the boys’ intelligence and expresses low expectations for them.

Radio Host, TV Host, Hockey Announcers

Media personalities imagined by Wind and Huff to offer colour commentary on transpiring events.

Trisha, Pierre, Debbie

Students at Huff and Wind's school.