Acrobatic theatre  

© Gérard DuBois
© Robert Etcheverry
© Robert Etcheverry
© Robert Etcheverry
© Robert Etcheverry
© Robert Etcheverry
  • In-person event

  • Français
  • Ages 10-14

  • Approx. 50 minutes
Performance options Start time Language Availability
Wednesday, March 26, 2025 10:00 am French Seats available
Thursday, March 27, 2025 10:00 am French Seats available
Friday, March 28, 2025 10:00 am French Seats available

“ The sofa in all its forms ”

On this very comfortable couch, perfectly moulded to our behinds, are four seats. But… there are five of us! What are we going to do? Well, hold a theatrical battle, of course. One that’s as hilarious as it is acrobatic, and that’s concealing under the couch cushions the thorny issue of how to live together in a society. Because once the extra person is kicked out, will we really be more comfortable? 

Like a game of musical chairs, five ultra-determined individuals compete and form alliances to take possession of a precious territory of foam and fabric. Audiences will delight in seeing the players try out every arrangement they can think up, putting even the most eccentric positions to the test. At times, the five combine forces to achieve feats worthy of the greatest human pyramids, while other times they kick up dust in a ferocious war of all against all. In the end, is our World, er, sorry, our sofa, big enough for all of us? 

Amidst laughter and the gnashing of teeth, the play goes to exhaustive lengths to demonstrate that it’s not so easy to live together. But maybe if we dig deep into the cracks of these philosophical couch cushions, we can find new ways to come together. 

In French ● 10+ 

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  • andreannejoubertjulie-artacho
    Concept and Director Andréanne Joubert
  • pascal-brullemans
    Playwright and Dramaturg Pascal Brullemans
  •  Concept and Director Andréanne Joubert
  • Playwright and Dramaturg Pascal Brullemans
  • With Agathe Foucault, Citlali Germé, Marc-André Poliquin, Xavier Malo and Yuma Arias
  • Assistant Director Anne-Sophie Tougas
  • Lighting Martin Sirois
  • Set Design and Costumes Gabrielle Bossé-Beal
  • Sound Andréa Marsolais-Roy
  • Drums and Percussion Gregory Fitzgerald (recorded at Sophronik studio)
  • Makeup and Hair Suzanne Trépanier
  • Acrobatic Advisor Nicolas Germaine
  • Stage Manager Coralie Cloutier
  • Research Team Agathe Foucault, Béatriz Pantojo, Catherine St-Martin, Citlali Germé, Marc-André Poliquin, Rosalie Dell’Aniello, Yves Simard, Xavier Malo, Yuma Arias
  • Dramaturg / Initial Research Step Sasha Dion
  • Production DynamO Théâtre

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