Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the hours of the Intermezzo Bar?

    The Intermezzo Bar is open 1 hour prior to and during NAC performances in Southam Hall and the Theatre only. Non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks may be purchased. A selection of sandwiches and light meals may be purchased.

  • Where may I purchase NAC gift items?

    Gift Cards

    The NAC does not sell NAC Orchestra recordings online at this time.

    Patrons are invited to visit NACO Home Delivery to stream high quality archival recordings by the NAC Orchestra for free.

  • What is the NAC's late-comers policy?

    Latecomers will be permitted to reach their seats only during a suitable pause in the programme.

  • Is there a Dress Code at the NAC?

    There is no official dress code for the National Arts Centre.

  • When do I clap during orchestral performances?

    1. Count the number of movements of a piece indicated in the performance programme. If the piece has four movements, the performers will almost always pause in between movements. Once you have counted three pauses you can be quite sure that you're now listening to the finale.
    2. Wait for the rest of the audience to start the applause, then, join in! Your enthusiasm is always appreciated.
  • Does the NAC loan props and instruments?

    The National Arts Centre does not rent or lend its props or musical instruments to the public. The National Arts Centre does not offer a musical instrument repair service.

  • How may I volunteer with the NAC?

    If you would like to volunteer with the National Arts Centre please contact us at

  • What is the procedure for auditions?

    Auditions for the National Arts Centre Orchestra are posted on online as positions become available.

    General auditions for English Theatre are held approximately once a year and are only open to residents of the National Capital Region. The NAC English Theatre only auditions actors living outside the National Capital Region for specific productions if and when required.

    Photos and resumes can be sent year round to:

    NAC English Theatre
    PO Box 1534, Station B.
    Ottawa, ON
    K1P 5W1

  • Does the NAC provide a baby-sitting service?

    The National Arts Centre does not offer a baby-sitting service. Patrons can be reached during performances. Leave the Foyer phone number, (613) 947-7000 ext. 682, and seat location with anyone who may need to call.

  • Infant Policy

    For children shows, all patrons need a regular ticket.

    For most other NAC shows, "Babes in Arms" tickets are available for children under two years of age.  These tickets have no seat location indicated on them thereby permit a child to sit on a parent's lap. "Babes in Arms" tickets are the price of the lowest ticket sold in the hall for a particular event. If a child is using a seat, he or she will need a regular ticket.

    For all non-NAC shows, all patrons will need a regular ticket.

  • Scent Policy

    Out of consideration for your fellow patrons, we ask that you limit the wearing/use of products with perfume when you are visiting us. Less is more... none is best! If you are experiencing an allergic reaction due to your seating location, please contact the House Manager about the possibility of a relocation.

  • Policy Concerning Cameras and Recording Equipment

    Photographic and recording equipment is strictly prohibited inside the hall without prior written permission from the NAC; infringement of this rule can lead to immediate suspension of admission privileges.

  • Patron Feedback

    During your visit to the National Arts Centre if there is something that hinders your enjoyment, please ask an usher to refer you to the Patron Services Supervisor on duty.